Creation's offers ongoing basic courses in PUPPY 1, OBEDIENCE 1 and 2, several levels of AGILITY, introduction to the sport of RALLY, and a unique course called PUPPY 2 (for the youngsters who have graduated from "Kindergarten" but aren't quite ready for the "grown-up" classes) that gives pups and owners a taste of a variety of canine activities and sports, such as Rally, competitive Obedience, Scent-work, Agility, Canine Musical Freestyle, Tricks, Treibball, and others (all adapted for puppies' growing bodies) while reinforcing the manners and social skills all puppies need.


For dogs who may have some trouble relating to neighbors, strangers, or other dogs, Creation's professionally-trained staff offer a "REACTIVE DOG" class, where lots of personal attention goes into helping each dog and owner learn to overcome behavior issues.


Because we know that it's important to start YOUNG when introducing specific behaviors needed for most dog sports, Creation's is proud to offer PUPPY / INTRO TO AGILITY.  Agility is a fast-paced and intensely fun sport that is the most rapidly growing canine interest in North America; introducing newbies and pups to the skills.  Learning handler-to-dog communication and the equipment is key to later success!


Our basic obedience grads can choose to carry on their training in our courses in advanced OBEDIENCE, AGILITY, RALLY or some of our other specialty classes that are offered periodically, such as CANINE MUSICAL FREESTYLE ("Dancing" with your dog), in our "Barking Ballroom," Tricks, Tracking, Treibball (a "herding" sport, developed in Germany that uses big exercise balls in place of sheep!), and others.  Whether your interst is simply to have a well-mannered pet, participating in fun or charitable activities around the community, or engaging in serious competition, Creation's can help!