scentwiccaScent Hurdle Racing: is the precursor to the popular sport of Flyball.  It is a team relay-race event in which the dogs clear a series of hurdles to select a dumbbell (that has their owner's scent on it) from a box, rather than chasing a ball.  When a dumbbell is retrieved, the box-master puts down a "dummy" dumbbell so there are always four dumbbells for the next dog to choose from.  In addition to rules requiring the dogs to select teh correct dumbbell and clear all the hurdles down and back, the event is a timed race between two teams - so while there are no outright penalties for dropping the object and picking it up again, sloppy jumps, or carrying the dumbbell by one end, all may cut into the time of the run.


As in Flyball, the smallest dog on a team determines the jump heights, but all the dogs must pick up the same size dumbbell which is more suited to the medium-sized dogs. This presents a challenge to ALL the dogs!  Though Scent Hurdling never caught on like Flyball, and competitions are now primarily in the Prairie Provinces of Canada, we at Creation's Dog Training Center find it an exciting, energetic, fun-filled sport that allows all breeds to use their natural scent-finding talents.  We hope Scent Hurdle Racing will one day be a sport of choice in Central Illinois!  We offer year-round classes in Scent Hurdling.CKC-Leth-Scent-Hurdle-27 opt

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