Established in 1996 and now located in northwest Normal, Creation's is a family-oriented professional dog training center.  We have caring trainers who have been working with all different breeds for many years, and they are dedicated from the start to POSITIVE REWARD-BASED methods.


Many of our classes are offered as "Clicker" training, which is widely acknowledged by international animal experts as the most reliable, kind, and efficient method there is.  In essence, the clicker permits the owner to "capture a moment" - much like the shutter on a camera - to mark the instant a dog performs the desired behavior.  The click is immediately followed by a treat to reward the dog for that behavior and reinforce the likelihood it will be repeated.  As long as the training is done with consistency, puppies and older dogs alike can learn very quickly using this method, without the punishing collar-jerks and body-placements of old-fashioned training methods.

Creation's "non-Clicker" classes use the same principle; they just use a different "marker".  The idea is to reward good behavior rather than punishing the bad, so dogs hear "yes!" a hundred times more than they hear "no."


Most of all, we recognize that a dog is a member of the family, and we encourage class participation by all family members, even the (supervised) children if they are old enough to comprehend and carry out the instructions.  It is important for everyone the dog lives with to work in a consistent manner with their training.