1.  The Senior Discount - $10 off cost of class for folks who are 60 and older.

2.  4-H Discount - A 4-H member must show Creation's staff some form of identification that they belong to 4-H.  They can take any class with us for $50 except for the Reactive Dog Class.  No other discounts can be used with the 4-H discount.

3.  Multiple Dog Discount - Either you have 2 dogs in 2 different classes or you have one dog in two different classes.  There is a $10 discount for each class / each dog.  You cannot use any other discounts with the multiple dog discount.

4.  Heroes in Uniform Discount -  $10 discount for police officers, firefighters, and anyone currently or previously active in the armed services


*Discounts may not be combined.*

**No discounts can be used with the Reactive Dog Workshop.**